Viapagi Gallery Instructions
You should expect good results viewing and using the Viapagi Gallery site with most “current” browsers. We routinely tested the site during development on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We do not recommend using the site with versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE8. If you experience unexpected problems using site features, try another browser – they’re free and easy to deploy.
There is only one Viapagi Gallery website, however there are access points to the site in several locations:
Access direct www.viapagi.com. They all lead to the same site 
 Viapagi Gallery access is open only to authorized, registered users. All users will be required to log in to access the site.
If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can use the recover username/password feature and have this info emailed to you.
  • If you cannot remember the email address associated with the account, call customer service at (602) 305-4830
The home page was designed  to provide quick, easy access to Viapagi imagery and one-click access to other important areas of the site. The header you see on the home page is also found on all other pages on the site so it is convenient to start a search from any part of the site.
  • You will only have access to the Viapagi Gallery if you are logged in. At the top left of the header you will see your logged in name: “Welcome Username”. At the top right you will see links to View Cart, My Account, Order Status and Logout.
  •  At the bottom footer of the home page are links similar to the top (Subject/Arts/My Account) as well as links for Contact, Terms and Conditions and the site Privacy Statement.
Prominently at the top of each page are links to the two main category filters – Subject and Artist. If you hover your mouse pointer over these category menu items, you will see a drop-down listing of Subjects (29) or Artists (71) sub categories.
  • Hover and click on any sub category and you will link to a filtered selection of images for that sub category.
  • Click directly on the Subject or Artist menu item and the Category page will open, featuring image icons and image count for each sub category.
  • The first row of the Subject category page are the most popular sub categories with the rest of the sub categories following in alphabetical order.
  • The first few rows of the Artist category page feature current PAG artists, with former artists of PAG following  in alphabetical order.
In the header next to the Subject and Artist menu items is the Search field. Enter any full or partial title or item number in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon to start the search.  Select and clear entries in the search field and click the magnifying glass to start a text search over (or select any Subject or Artist category).
Search examples:
  •         To find all items in a series (similar title): enter full or partial item Title, click magnifying glass (ex. “Universal Man”)
  •         To find all items for a single show: enter the show “season”, click magnifying glass (ex. “hf11” to find all items from the Fall 2011 show)
·        Each image shows title, artist, subject and item code 
  • Click the magnifying glass at the bottom-right of each image to see the enlarged image
  • Number of images found above top-left image
  • Images per page – change from 20 to 50 per page
  • Sort images ascending/descending by Item Code or Title
  • Sidebar filters: to further narrow your search, check (uncheck) one or more of the sidebar filters to left of images
  •  Breadcrumb – you can track the path to the current location by looking at the “breadcrumb”. To back up to a previous spot, select a previous breadcrumb stage.
  • To select the image for configuration and pricing, click directly on the image or the orange title. This will open the selected image in the Image Detail page.
The Image Detail page is where you configure and price the selected image - and add to cart, if desired.
  • Configuring the product involves selecting the print substrate (canvas, paper, aluminum, acrylic, wood panel), selecting a mounting or framing option, selecting a size (using slider) and selecting from other options available for the substrate choice.
  • The substrate choice and options are displayed by clicking  the corresponding tab label.
Tool Tips: to the right of each tab label there is a question mark icon called a tool tip. Hover your mouse over the icon and additional details about the substrate choice is displayed 
If you want to preserve the configuration but do not want to add to cart, use your browser print feature. Print to your printer or a pdf (try CutePDF or PDFComplete).
A sizing slider was implemented to make it easy to price the selected image at various sizes. The slider controls the image size. The overall size includes the image size plus the dimension of frame and mat or, in the case of loose canvas or paper, the unprinted border
  • Dragging the slider to the right will show the maximum size a selected image can be produced (it’s different depending on substrate and/or certain options).
  • Canvas and paper sliders increment in 1” steps and other substrates increment at ½” steps. Use the +/- buttons at each end of the slider to fine-tune the desired size.
Shopping cart is where you stage your purchase choice(s) prior to actually checking out. This is also where you would create an email to share a collection of configured items with a client or associate.
  • Each item added to the cart will show an image of the configured product, item and title specifics and configuration details, as well as quantities, prices and extended subtotals.
  • You can make changes to quantities, delete items from the cart or clear the cart. You can have only one active cart.
  • To send the cart contents to an associate, select the Email cart to associate button at the bottom of the page. Change the sender info, if appropriate and enter contact info, a message and send. A copy of the email will be sent to the email address contained in the “Your email” field.
  • If you are completing a cart for purposes submitting an order on payment terms, send your cart with a message to viapagiorder@imcraft.com . The order will be routed through Customer Serviced and processed accordingly.
  • If your cart is complete and you will be paying for the order immediately, proceed to checkout.
Checkout billing information is taken from the information in your profile. If all required fields are not completed (name, company name, address, phone, email) you will be asked to complete.
  • If you wish to ship to a different address than your billing address, click the Change button below Billing Name and Address, check the box “Ship to a different Address” and enter alternate shipping name and address and click Apply.
  • Enter your credit card information.
  • If appropriate, a discount will reduce the subtotal for the net amount due.
  • Shipping will be billed separately and is due on receipt of invoice.
  • A confirmation of your order will be sent to your email address.
  • A Phoenix Art Group customer service representative will contact you separately about delivery times and shipping charges.
If you experience any problems using the Viapagi Gallery site or wish to offer suggestions, please contact customer service at (800) 274-2422 or at viapagi@imcraft.com